Celsius Ice Fishing

Celsius is a Big Game International brand.


Celsius® is quality ice gear for hardwater anglers. For a world of harsh extremes, Celsius® has created a family of fishing tackle and accessories designed and engineered to be durable enough to withstand these most extreme conditions. The Celsius® line up includes rods, reels, combos, tip-ups, tackle, lures, shelters, gloves, cleats and accessories for ice fishing.


Celsius Ice Rod Sleeve - MODEL CEL-23RS

There's nothing worse than getting out on the ice and having to untangle all the combos in your bucket. This simple Ice Rod Sleeve will save you hours of aggravation. The strong braid weave creates a stretchable sleeve that is easy to slip on over your rods for hassle-free storage or transportation.

Celsius Ice Sleeve

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Celsius Product Catalog

View or download our electronic catalog featuring Celsius Rods, Reels, Combos, Tip-ups, Tackle, Lures & Accessories.

What's New

Check out these featured tip-ups.

Wooden Tip-up Deluxe

Wooden Tip-up Deluxe - Model WTX-5
Designed to withstand the harsh elements associated with ice fishing.

  • • Heavily lacquered hardwood
  • • High capacity aluminum spool with finger bar
  • • Swiveling line guide
  • • Variable tension release
  • • High visibility flag with heavy duty spring
  • • Freeze-Proof Lubricated Tube and Fittings

Plastic Tip-up with Black Line

Plastic Tip-up with Black Line - Model SBTU-50
Plastic rail tip-ups are the most popular on the market today because they’re light yet tough and great for catching every species. The Celsius plastic tip-up comes pre-spooled and ready to hit the ice.

  • • Heavy duty ABS frame
  • • Pre-spooled with 20lb tip-up line
  • • Variable tension release and spring action shaft
  • • Lubricated tube and mechanisms to prevent freezing
  • • High visibility flag and base
  • • English/metric ruler on base

Plastic Tip-up

Plastic Tip-up - Model PITU-25B
Set up over an ice hole and let the tip-up do the rest. High visibility orange flag is easy to see even from a distance. Fully adjustable easy-spin spool can be set for any type of fish. Quick to set up and folds for easy compact storage at the end of the day.

  • • Strong freeze proof construction
  • • Easy spin spool
  • • Adjustable spool tension
  • • High visibility flag
  • • Pre-spooled with tip-up line


Balance tip-up

Balance Wood Tip-up - Model TP-2
This is a great old fashioned tip-up. To give bait added attraction, simply tap the back of the Balance Tip-up. The rise and fall of the lure is enough to drive any fish crazy.

  • • Heavily lacquered hardwood
  • • Spooled with 10 lb. premium monofilament
  • • Includes brass snap swivel
  • • Quick and easy set-up

Ice Tip-up

Ice Tip-up - Model ITU-1
The cross style tip-up is an all purpose and light weight fishing tip-up. Hard wood construction will not freeze or lock up. Comes with a large capacity spool and a positive trip mechanism to raise it's flag when a fish is on the line. Very effective for trout, walleye and even pike.

  • • Light weight wood frame
  • • High visibility flag
  • • Large capacity spool allows you to set the depth of your line
  • • Positive trip mechanism

3 Pack Tip-up

3 Pack Ice Tip-up with Line and Net - Model ITU-3/KIT
This 3 pack cross style tip-up allows any hard water angler to cover a wider spread of water and present bait in front of more fish. Same item as above Model ITU-1 but comes as a 3 pack and includes a bonus minnow dip net and poly storage bag.

  • • Light weight wood frame
  • • High visibility flag
  • • Large capacity spool allows you to set the depth of your line
  • • Positive trip mechanism